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» Do That To Me One More Time (Marcela Morelo)

» From This Moment (Marcela Morelo)

» Moonlight Shadow (Marcela Morelo)

» If You Leave Me Now (Marcela Morelo)

» It Might Be You (Marcela Morelo)

» James Taylor (Marcela Morelo)

» Playing God (Paramore)

» Where The Lines Overlap (Paramore)

» Believe (Marcela Morelo)

» End Of The Road (Marcela Morelo)

» Decode (Paramore)

» Roam (Marcela Morelo)

» Jab Bhi Teri Gali Se (Raavi More)

» Ishq Mein Aksar (Raavi More)

» Misery Business (Paramore)

» Brick By Boring Brick (Paramore)

» All Arround The World (Marcela Morelo)

» Lamha Lamha (Raavi More)

» Beqaraar Na Ho (Raavi More)

» Never Let This Go (Paramore)

» Ignorance (Paramore)

» Its Been A Pleasure (Forevermore)

» Touch Me (Adrian Vip Remix) (Tina More)

» The Only Exception (Paramore)

» Let The Flames Begin (Paramore)

» Moths And Rust (Forevermore)

» Devotion (Forevermore)

» Everybodys Doing It (Evermore)

» My Heart (Paramore)

» Charlatan (Forevermore)

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